deally, identity theft will never happen to you, and we’ll do our best to make sure that it doesn’t. But in the unfortunate event that it does, IDShield has Licensed Private Investigators to provide the best identity restoration possible. If you’re a victim of identity theft, our dedicated licensed investigators will perform comprehensive restoration services using a Limited Power of Attorney, along with access to private resources using specialized credentials, for as long as it takes to restore your identity to pre-theft status.

Bryan, why do you personally recommend LegalShield?

After a lifetime of RV life, I understand the worry that can come with the lifestyle. Protecting my family is a top priority. If we ever get bad news (and we do—more often than we’d like), we have a place to turn to find out the best options for safeguarding our family and all we’ve worked for.

For us, LegalShield has kept our wheels turning. On the road, our attorneys have provided the peace of mind and assistance our family has needed to get through more sticky situations than I can count.

There was the time when one of our teenagers was rear-ended in a five-car pile-up on the interstate in Minnesota. He opened up the LegalShield App on his phone just after the accidents happened and had an attorney on the phone before the police arrived. The attorney stayed with him on the line, reviewed accident photos, offered counsel and kept him calm amidst the commotion. Even when we weren’t there to help, we had the peace of mind knowing there was someone looking out for him.

Most recently, an auto repair shop in Texas claimed they replaced and fixed some air conditioning components to the tune of $1,200 on our minivan. Two weeks later, it was out of service again, and we discovered the repair shop didn’t do what we paid for. A second shop had to correct the problem. LegalShield was able to aid in getting a refund for the original false repair. Without the power of LegalShield and the power of having an attorney working on our behalf, we likely would have been out of that $1,200.

Our “Caboose”, the youngest of five, was born in a border town deep in south Texas, 1500 miles from our sticks and bricks. Our insurance company wasn’t too happy. They tried to deny the claim and said we were “out of network.” LegalShield told us to enjoy and bond with our new son and they would handle it. Another happy ending. Admittedly, we have been browsing on sites like the to find alternatives. We can’t stand being treated like that, we are good clients.

On top of those temporary headaches, we’ve also found incredible value in LegalShield’s MemberPerks, an included program that’s more than paid for the monthly membership on its own since we became members.  We save BIG on our cell phone bill, printing jobs at OfficeDepot, Advance Auto, car rentals, movie tickets, amusement parks, and a whole lot more.

The list of times LegalShield has protected us, saved us money, aided us, supported us and given us peace of mind on the road goes on…and on…and on. That’s why I believe in the service and recommend it to just about everybody I know.

If I become a member, how do I access legal advice and counsel?

LegalShield empowers Fulltime Families every mile of the way and in every place along the way. No matter what trouble you encounter and no matter where you are, your LegalShield team is a mere phone call or tap-on-the-app away from finding you a resolution. Members can contact an attorney for any reason and never receive a bill no matter how many times you use your membership benefits. Individuals, families and small businesses have access to benefits and attorneys 24/7/365 in all 50 states and in four Canadian provinces.

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Archant launches new ‘pop-up’ newspaper – The New European



The New European, a weekly newspaper aimed at people who voted Remain, is being launched by Archant on Friday 8th July.

The paper will offer those feeling dismayed and disenfranchised by Brexit a non-political focal point, bringing together the extraordinarily broad spectrum of people who feel a real sense of loss after the Leave vote victory.

Conceived as a “pop-up paper” aiming to capture the zeitgeist and act as a chronicle for the extraordinary events of the summer of 2016, the title will be delivered to market faster than any other British newspaper in history – just nine days from concept to newsagent.

The New European represents both a markedly different approach in terms of content and readership, but also a wholly new business model for print and its place in an increasingly digital world.

The newspaper will initially run for just four issues, with any subsequent print runs being decided by reader interest. Every issue will be a collector’s item. After the fourth issue, every week’s sale will be a referendum on the next.

Available nationwide via the website, the paper’s retail distribution will be focused on London, Liverpool, Manchester, the south of England and other strongly remain voting areas.

The first issue will contain exclusive articles from leading voices in the UK and Europe, including:

  • Tanit Koch, Editor of Bild, Europe’s most-read newspaper
  • Saul Klein, leading European VC and partner with LocalGlobe
  • James Brown, former Loaded and GQ editor
  • Wolfgang Blau, ex editor of Zeit Online and former digital director of The Guardian
  • Simon Calver, partner with BGF Ventures and former CEO of Mothercare and LoveFilm
  • Annabelle Dickson, leader of the Westminster political lobby for regional newspapers
  • Football writers Steve Anglesey and Paddy Davitt
  • Peter Bale, CEO of the of the Centre for Public Integrity who broke the Panama Papers global exclusive
  • Ahmed Osman, renowned European fashion writer

Matt Kelly, Chief Content Officer and launch editor of The New European, said: “We are currently in an extraordinary period of time in the UK, with all of society seemingly in a state of flux and turmoil. I believe the 48% who voted to Remain are not well served by the traditional press and that there is a clear opportunity for a newspaper like The New European that people will want to read and carry like a badge of honour.

“We value expertise and have some of the world’s best brains in their areas writing for us. And it is also a politician-free zone. They are banned.

“It will be an eclectic and energetic mix of content – not just about the Brexit issue, but a celebration of why we loved Europe so much in the first place. There’ll be plenty of humour in there too – god knows we could all use a laugh these days.”

Will Hattam, Chief Marketing Officer, said: “This isn’t just another national newspaper, it’s a new type of publishing product. As a pop-up publishing project this is a truly innovative approach to reaching new audience segments by extending our established expertise in creating high-quality, engaging content into new areas.

“What’s exciting is that the story of this paper isn’t yet written – its sprung into life, driven by the events of the last few weeks, and will continue to serve its audience as long as they want it to. There’s no ongoing commitment, just an opportunity to explore new boundaries in newspaper publishing.”

The New European will be published by Archant and will be priced at £2 per issue.

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